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Stone Sealing

We exclusively use the highest quality sealant available on the market. This gives us the ability to offer the longest lasting waterproofing coating available to ensure your investments are protected for years to come.

Sealing options include; Clear natural look sealant, Matte finish sealant, Wet look sealant and Glossy look sealant as well as Mold/Mildew prevention growth sealant.

Stone Stealing

Natural stone is prone to staining, cracks, and other problems. Pressure washing services can’t always fix this type of staining and discoloration, so prevention is the best option. Applying a quality sealant will reduce the chances of these problems, and we use different types of sealant depending on the type of stone and where it’s located. 

You can visit our sealant supplier website to learn more about our sealants, which come with a 5-year warranty. Stone sealing helps harden and preserve the life of the stone. This is great for pools, patios, sidewalks, houses, commercial buildings, and much more. Without sealant, exposure to the elements could cause stones to erode or fall out of their placement in a wall or flooring.

Contact us today to learn more about our stone sealing and house washing services. We offer building pressure washing services throughout Dripping Springs, TX and nearby cities!

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