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Soft Washing

White Water Renewal is a power washing company with the skill to handle a wide range of projects. We clean buildings of all sizes, from homes to large office buildings. 

Our soft washing service will maintain your property and keep it free of mold and decay. Soft washing is a little different from our traditional pressure washing service. Instead of using high-pressure jets of water to clean surfaces, this option uses lower water pressure with cleaning chemicals added. Those cleaning chemicals are ideal for killing organic growths, such as mold, bacteria, and moss.

Since it kills bacteria and mold, it’s ideal for pool washing and other areas prone to those issues. Cleaning out an empty pool will prepare it for use and ensure that the surface is pristine.

We also offer soft washing for roofs. If your roof is covered in leaves and debris, there’s a chance that mold is also growing there. Normal roof washing may not be enough to remove mold, but the chemical soft washing treatment will take care of it.

Call today to make an appointment in the Dripping Springs, TX area!

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