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Patio Deck and Sidewalk Washing

Patio pressure washing makes your outdoor space cleaner and more comfortable. After years of use, your patio may have accumulated dirt and grime. White Water Renewal can blast away dirt, leaving your patio looking bright and clean again. Our professional pressure washing service offers more thorough cleaning than you can achieve on your own with a hose. 


During patio washing, we adjust the pressure according to the materials we’re working with. When cleaning brick or stone, we use a lighter pressure, while concrete can accommodate higher pressure. Our experts know the best settings for cleaning different things without damaging them!

We can also clean your outdoor furniture. A quick spray can have old porch chairs looking new again. We’ll make sure you can put those neglected chairs or tables to good use. Your friends and loved ones will be excited to spend time on your new and improved deck or patio. 

If your patio is made of natural stone like flagstone or slate, consider stone sealing services. Sealing stones prevents staining, erosion, and other types of damage that can occur.

For more information on our services and how we can clean your patio, call today! We clean buildings in the Dripping Springs, TX area.

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