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Mold and Pollen Removal

Every year in Texas we get blasted with Pollen and throughout the year mold grows in the pores of stone surfaces and on top of wood surfaces. With our specialized solutions and methods we can eliminate mold and pollen growth quickly and efficiently back into like new-shape.


Our pressure washing company uses special cleaning products to remove organic growths from walls, including mold, mildew, and moss. These cleaning products kill the mold to prevent more from growing on your walls. When left unchecked, mold can overtake walls and fences, damaging the paint and leaving unsightly marks.


Pollen can settle on your home exteriors, potentially staining them or making your allergies worse. Instead of scrubbing pollen away by hand, you can hire us for building pressure washing services. This technique cleans walls thoroughly and effectively. We can also add cleaning chemicals to remove stubborn pollen from walls, fences, and floors.

We pride ourselves on helping clients handle any exterior cleaning issues. Call today to get a quote for roof washing and more in the Dripping Springs, TX area!

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