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Driveway Cleaning

Driveways take a beating over the years. Dirt, oil, and other assorted stains can make your driveway look dirty. White Water Renewal offers professional driveway cleaning to wash away debris and increase curb appeal. 

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Rough materials like concrete, brick, and stone are difficult to clean without the right tools. We use a professional-grade pressure washer to scour away dirt from tiny cracks and crevices, such as the spaces between pavers or the porous surface of concrete. 

We also offer patio washing. If your patio is dusty or stained, our team can help. Our pressure washer uses hot water that effectively cuts through dust, grease, and more. A clean patio makes a much better place to host a cookout or gathering. 

If your home has issues with moss or mildew, we recommend soft washing. By adding chemicals to the water, we can quickly clean away these unwanted growths and stop them from coming back. 

In addition to driveway washing, we can also clean any other paved areas of your property, such as sidewalks or paved paths. Call now to make an appointment in the Dripping Springs, TX area!

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